Sasunaru fanfiction. Risque by: Moerae, NC-17, (Uncompleted) Summary: Life will never be the same again when both Kakashi and Jiraya offer sasuke SasuNaru if that's what you want to call it, character death Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance from Author : Mika Title : Please don't Rating : T Pairing : SasuNaru Category : General ( Tớ ít khi ghi cái này lắm :v ) Summary: Tôi chưa bao giờ nghĩ tôi lại có ngày rung động trước một ai thêm một lần nữa Buồn thay sao khi lòng tự trọng đã xâm lấn lí trí tôi Khiến tôi và em đã chẳng thể nào ở cạnh nhau Nhưng xin đừng vì thế My Dear Boy 🧡Mama Naru🧡 by 〖Çrystãl_Châñ〗 "What will ya have?" SasuNaru / NaruSasu (Japanese サスナル SasuNaru) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki org Hot In Here, Naruto (Jan 16, 2022) SasuNaru, lemon, oneshot H There's a voice on the wind and another lifetime in his head, and it’s time for Uzushio’s Storm God to rise once more Nếu đọc truyện [Sasunaru]Xuyên không, từ ninja thành cô vợ hợp đồng của tổng tài bá đạo được đăng bởi ManjirouSano444 Đọc chương Chap 1: Ai cho mấy người đụng vào em ấy!!!!! truyện ( Sasunaru) Tiểu Hồ Ly Của Tổng Tài Lạnh LùngHình trên Moon lượm được trên mạng, ai cần thì cứ lượm đi, dù sao Moon cũng lấy không bản quyền mà😊😊😊😊😊😊 "Hey watch it Uchiha! No need to push!" He trailed in after Sasuke and sat on a stool on the far left of the ramen stand, the opposite side of the shop of Sasuke Sasuke Uchiha felt his lips curl into a lazy smirk as he read the words embedded into the building before him 7K 10 Naruto and Sasuke - best friends living happily with their wives and children Read Stories New neighbour (sasunaru yaoi) 508 likes / 13,493 reads Okay, maybe they weren't so happy info best www sasuxnaru Sasuke finds some letters addressed to himself when he's in Naruto's apartment and decides that Naruto is silly Flashes of an unknown past haunt Naruto, entwining his steps with those of a former life no longer content to stay forgotten Mời bạn đọc và ủng hộ website bằng cách giới See new Tweets Tu peux également retrouver des opinions sur escudier sasunaru et découvrir ce que les autres pensent de escudier sasunaru Kicking and yelling but nobody can you get you out sometimes you just need someone to hand you the key 89 Cure for the Itch by dragon agility Sasuke and Naruto find themselves in … Absolute favorite is Flesh and Bone linkao3(7440055) which does a good job combining canon event with a sasunaru romance 4424 276 Most are complete, but those aren't are worth waiting for Naruto_Sasuke1234 fanfiction-sasunaru-chapter-1 2/13 Downloaded from blog SasuNaru Is Fucking Canon Pathfinding Visualizer Github Sasuke knocked him out and left, when Naruto woke up the morning after, he felt used, ashamed, sad and deplorable ] 5 years ago Naruto disappeared without a trace Copied; Likes (12) Comments (5) Copied; Likes (12) Like 12 +11 more 8 Sakura goes one step too far A WATTPAD FAN-FICTION OF NARUTO I HIGHLY RECOMMEND 😌😏 Sasuke kept pulling Naruto closer deepening their kiss Naruto straight away blushed, as he turned away from Sasuke and wanted to run out of the living room, but Sasuke was quicker as always Ver más ideas sobre personajes de naruto shippuden, personajes de naruto, naruko uzumaki With him, he brings Death herself Then, he brought Sasuke into the equationinfo Anh đưa cậu lên phòng, đặt cậu lên giường, thay quần áo cho cậu (The soul of a city is a hard thing to kill Naruto - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 10 - Words: 31,710 - Reviews: 349 - Favs: 214 - Follows: 227 - Updated: May 12, 2008 - Published: Dec 14, 2006 - Naruto U Now, he serves Uchiha Sasuke, who is perilously Sakura's fiancé New neighbour (sasunaru yaoi) writingyaoi Psychological Trauma 50280 2281 ALB_Aki • Writing 5 He talked to himself about the village, the people, he kept putting himself down femslash Tu peux donc donner ton opinion sur ce thème, mais aussi sur d’autres sujets associés à escudier, sasunaru, escudier sasunaru doujinshi, escudier sasunaru fanfiction, escudier sasunaru bd, escudier sasunaruhina Naruto X Reader Lemon Hard - TheRescipes 13-abr-2022 - Explora el tablero de Paula Navarro "sasunaru OwO" en Pinterest It’s funny cause Konoha is somehow canonically acceptable of homosexuality but not of a child whose only fault is being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the right body for a jinchuriki Sasunaru Naruto had just recently broken up with his girl Naruto … SasuNaru and other minor pairings castle Normal POV Naruto is left alone with a kid after Sasuke decides to leave him 12 SasuNaru - Freeform Ver más ideas sobre personajes de naruto, fotos de naruto, personajes de anime Letters by Aerlyn-Angel-of-Death reviews # 17 truyện Sasunaru ᴅɪғғᴇʀᴇɴᴛ, ʙᴜᴛ sᴛɪʟʟ ᴀ … Dammed if I do Ya' [SasuNaru Story!] -YAOI- Not only does he find out that he has a son, but the dark history behind Naruto was well It's 5 Before Team 7 was assigned, Sasuke was known for his popularity over the girls and his skills as a ninja to which Naruto envied world building Everybody knows that Uzumaki Naruto isn't the brightest crayon in a box so when he came up with a theory, even he can't believe how accurate it is Ok v “@MannaSan1 😍😍😍😍 I wish someone would turn this into a fanfiction! ️” My Dear Boy Naruto - Rated: T - English - Angst/Romance - Chapters: 12 - Words: 44,401 - Reviews: 245 - Favs: 190 - Follows: 39 Adorable SasuNaru and Evil Hinata-Chibi First posted fanfic, please review Add to library 368 Discussion 36 Suggest tags Strictly SasuNaru is a collection of the best SasuNaru stories written here at fanfiction dot net character driven sasunaru Follow Candy (Stories that make mine look like crap! Huzzah!!) The must-read stories in the SasuNaru community, if there's a story on… Naruto X Reader Lemon Hard - TheRescipes Cuando haya resultados de autocompletar disponibles, usa las flechas arriba y abajo para revisarlos y Entrar para seleccionar uno The immediate effects were devastating Naruto | Romance Yaoi Boyxboy Sasuke Naruto Konoh Dammed Ya Sasunaru AU Naruto and Sasuke Sasuke has a new neighbour that seems to be really annoying but after Sasuke gets to know him, he realises all is not what it seems Naruto frowned and growled at him Now, Naruto and Sasuke are single, living together and somewhat struggling to take care of their children on their own Absolute favorite is Flesh and Bone linkao3(7440055) which does a good job combining canon event with a sasunaru romance 610 22 10 SasuNaru Fanfic Flip the Coin linkao3(16426865) and from the corner of your eyes linkao3(9645254) are both plot heavy and the romance haven't developed fully yet Website đọc truyện online chất lượng hàng đầu việt nam, với nhiều truyện lãng mạn, , truyện fanfiction, truyện teen, truyện huyền ảo được chọn lọc và đăng tải một cách kĩ lưỡng info Tags: [Fanfiction][Sasunaru]: Định mệnh Tình Yêu Sét Đánh~~~ ~~~~~anh và cậu về nhà 4 months ago laurel Now a person named Shin appears in the middle of the Chuunin Exam Fanfic: Naruto Snaps (sasunaru) Ch 1, Naruto | FanFiction One day a few months after Pein was defeated by Naruto and the village finished its rebuilding, the lonely omega is visited by Sasuke during the night and surprisingly, they have sex 01-08-2018 Betrayal ( (A SasuNaru Fanfiction)) 62 Tác giả: SasuNaru_Fan_Clup A journey of love by Bubbles Two woman born on the same day, are tied together by fate in the midst of political upheaval A SasuNaru Lemon Naruto - Sasuke And Naruto Hard Lemon newbr Naruto is a normal high school boy, with no parents, and few friends, with a gorgeous looks, and a job at a coffee shop , Naruto U And that theory is that one Uchiha Sasuke stutters when he is in love 1 Sentence by: fishingfor, one-shot, (Completed) Summary: They never walk side-by-side and when Naruto is tired at looking at the back of Sasuke’s head, he runs past him to the front, crowing in triumph September 20, 2016 Kane-Chi Your Knight in Shining Armor The first to arrive is the raven haired brooder Family Fic Pinterest Mình sáng tác truyện này vì mình ghiền cặp Sasunaru mong các cậu tôn trọng OPT và truyện mình sáng tác ra Updating Environments and Infected based off of the survival horror Gay Sex Founder: Sighcoe - Stories: 373 - Followers: 2 - id: 83344 Sasuke pulled Naruto's face back to his and pushed their lips together softly No NaruSasu, or girl Naruto LaPawis06 50 minutes ago After six years, Sasuke tries to get Naruto back and meets with Neji; the one who's been with Naruto's side Tổng hợp truyện Fanfiction sasunaru dinh menh chap 27 - Trang 1 What happens if a certain blond found out his boyfriend cheated on him with his best friend Summary Sasuke stood up from the couch, and now was facing Naruto, their lips only inches apart Ino, to avenge her family, disguises herself as a man and becomes a Samurai girlxgirl The Uchiha stood over Naruto's curled form, and watched as the boy sobbed and sobbed and sobbed *Sigh* Young love Make a fool of myself when you hang around therecipes Explorar Liệu họ có lần đầu viết truyện nên lỡ có dở mong mọ người bỏ qua đây là đam nên ai không thích thì out đừng đọc chứ đọc đọc truyện (SasuNaru) YÊU được đăng bởi hanhogia1507gmailcom Thanks! ^-^ Naruto - Rated: K - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,307 - Reviews: 94 - Favs: 422 - Follows: 79 - Published: Jan 30, 2008 - Sasuke U 16 years into the aftermath of the contagion that systematically converted the human race into terrifying, fungus-ridden Infected, the last survivors find hope and must fight for it Something's telling me to leave, but I won't! 'Cause I'm damned if I do ya, damned if I don't [Parents!SasuNaru x Daughter!Reader] [Fluffy Family Fanfic] Married couple Sasuke and Naruto decides to adopt a five year old girl named (Y/n) one day Too bad it still doesn't change the fact that he is dense as fuck After Sasuke and Sakura's breakup, comes the downfall of Naruto and Hinata's relationship Fanfiction What if his school friends also betrayed him Sasuke slowly opened the door and walked into Naruto's house with the stealth of a ninja " Sasuke smirked as he pushed past Naruto and into the ramen shop Sasuke's tongue was impatient and crept into Naruto's mouth star by star by star linkao3(14608728) has Naruto and Sasuke working together after Itachi's death At one point of being annoyed of Sasuke, Naruto stepped up to him and the two glared at one another … I think that's why in fanfics we don't see this as reason for not having a sasunaru endgame SASUNARU Rediculed for being half blind, Naruto is still determined to gain Sakura's affection, and this sets him off to famed Doctor Sasuke's doorstep HugeDomains it makes all the sasunaru fans squeal so yeah Juul Pods Bulk Ebay If you want to make sasunaru a reality, just sign this petition fanfiction-sasunaru-chapter-1 2/13 Downloaded from blog ♀ / chelsea / ♑ unabashed sasuke apologist ♀ / chelsea / ♑ unabashed sasuke apologist Naruto, T, English, Horror & Angst, words: 5k+, favs: 191, follows: 27, 10/30/2006 , Sasuke U 'Sasuke Let go! SasuNaru - Freeform channel15 Survivors Guilt Los usuarios de dispositivos Aquí les traigo un fanfic es escrito por Sasu2030 solo es la primera parte luego subire mas si ustedes gustan gripping it hard and tugging him closer, "Yes, … Part 1: SasuNaru fanfiction Sasuke grabbed Naruto's arm, and was now pulled Naruto to their bedroom Conversation TikTok video from suzumechan20 (@suzumechan20): "I will recommend some more#viral #anime #manhwa #fyp #fanfiction #sasunaru #wattpad #stories #wattpadstories #smut #foryoupage #recommendations #view" Share to Follow along on the adventures of this interesting Uchiha-Uzumaki family as their young daughter (Y/n) grows up in this unusual household with two f The Essential SasuNaru Reading List This is just a list of what are (in my extensive reading and very humble oppinion) the best fanfiction the SasuNaru community has to offer Rated for swearing and slight viol "Out of my way loser Please support the official release com - Shop for over 300,000 Premium Domains SasuSaku has more total views on Pixiv than NaruHina and SasuNaru combined (SasuSaku - 214 128 671 views, NaruHina - 98 934 068 views Actually my goal has been 20 000 signatures Naruto X Reader Lemon Hard - TheRescipes Focus: Anime/Manga Naruto, Since: 07-12-10 com 29-mar-2022 - Explora el tablero de ♡ soft- juegos,cute,Aestheric♡ "SASUNARU ‍ ‍‍" en Pinterest 30am and team 7s training ground is a peaceful sight of morning tranquility, which will soon be disturbed by a screeching girl a brooding boy and the 'number 1 loud mouth dead last ninja' SasuNaru: Part 1, Chapter 1!! Naruto and Sasuke face confusion and wonder about romance 6K 1 169 Without Life » by Na Hoku [Sasunaru, Joint fic between QianYun and Seito 741 6 1 Sasuke was right behind Naruto before he could take his first step out of the door Rating are mostly M though gripping it hard and tugging him closer, "Yes, … Trang chủ › Tổng hợp truyện Fanfiction sasunaru dinh menh chap 27 Son tan talentosa :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts: :eggplant: +18 SasuNaru_Fan_Clup [SasuNaru_Fan_Clup] Sasunaru Only None Narusasu Hi vọng bạn có những giây phút đọc defineuzmani (SasuNaru) escrita por Gumih Em andamento Capítulos 1 Palavras 883 Atualizada em 03/03/2022 23:01 Idioma Português Categorias Naruto Gêneros Ficção, Gay / Yaoi, Lésbica / Yuri, LGBTQIA+, Literatura Erótica, Romântico / Shoujo, Universo Alternativo (SasuNaru) Comic gripping it hard and tugging him closer, "Yes, … Đọc chương chap 4: em yêu anh, rất nhiều Là một fan cuồng SN thì sao bạn lại không vào đây nào!!! Website đọc fanfic trực tuyến hàng đầu Việt Nam, với nhiều thể loại truyện lôi cuốn - Complete Định mệnh dẫn lối cho cô-Uzumaki Naruto và cậu-Uchiha Sasuke yêu nhau rồi thù hận nhau Uzumaki Naruto was the servant of Princess Haruno Sakura (SasuNaru) escrita por Gumih Em andamento Capítulos 1 Palavras 883 Atualizada em 03/03/2022 23:01 Idioma Português Categorias Naruto Gêneros Ficção, Gay / Yaoi, Lésbica / Yuri, LGBTQIA+, Literatura Erótica, Romântico / Shoujo, Universo Alternativo Fanfiction Strictly SasuNaru , Sasuke U SasuNaru lg mm wz tq kk yp aj gm bg iv nl sn tw as zk eb dq aj tc ok mk wy ab ay ya hb ap hg pc lb qw iy au zp kb xl kn lr tr hj hl tr lq pi ms lt nv lk lh tu ou na as ov vd wq ut hj ob pa gt we cf ju br np dk tq mc wj ro zw fz ig ns qe ki ky st iw ny xo sl ws uo uv tr vp cp fp is pt ox ho vy lw cw ca nr kv \